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Hazel Cox
Coastal People
on all our work.

So what makes us so special?

Well, it's all about content. Consumers don't buy from the prettiest ads, websites or flyers – they buy from the most relevant. You'll see how we approach websites below, but the same principles are true of all your marketing. It's the one thing between you and your customers, and it's so easy to get right. Just put yourself in your customers' heads, think what they're thinking, and deliver what they want. Attention spans are frighteningly short – so GRAB their attention with benefits that almost punch them in the stomach – and gaurantee that you'll deliver these benefits. We do – and no-one has ever asked for their money back. And use the advice of the experts – write with AIDA in mind, incorporate the 44 selling words, add value at every stage, and build relationships through everything you do.

And, exactly what's wrong with my website?

Well, the chances are, quite a lot. The bad news is that as the volumes of websites increase (and they are), being found becomes more difficult.
However, there's good news that more than outweighs this. There are simple steps which can be taken to ensure that your website stands head and shoulders above the rest – it's not difficult to do, but the vast majority just tuck their heads in the sand, leaving the field wide open for those that give their site some thought.
We can provide plenty more detail in due course, but the new ESSENTIALS for successful websites are now based on factors which increase the dwell time on your site, and the hooks that engage. Less than 1% of our online time is spent buying – the rest is information gathering, flitting from site to site. Our task is to provide your site with the tools that stop visitors in their tracks, including:
1st - Captivating headlines which address what your customers are looking for – get into their heads.
2nd - Bullet points to very swiftly summarise your scope of offering
3rd - Video – simple or elaborate, to really pull the visitor into your site – clear descriptions of the benefits of working with you, and clear instructions of how to proceed
4th - Social proof that you're good – through real, attributable, credible testimonials
5th - Engagement – a mechanic on the site to secure the details of the visitor – not a newsletter – something more imaginative (leave that to us)
6th - We havn't even started on the SEO/Adwords debate yet - SEO is history, Adwords is making businesses fortunes. We can set this up, and create the corresponding landing pages - all within the cost of your website. Making sense?

Do get in touch and we’ll start things moving...